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We are a new shop that brings small-town charm to internet shopping. We do not have everything in stock but are adding products weekly.  Rest assured that your order will be filled in a timely manner.

After years of owning a print & design studio, we’ve realized that the world of vinyl can be a daunting area to some.  That’s why we started Flippin’ Fine Vinyl & Crafts… to help you, the crafter, navigate the crazy world of vinyl. 

The products that we offer on our website, are products that we use. We feel it is best that we know how a product works before offering it to you. This way, we know it will stand up as promised. 

This site is going to be way more than just a place to buy vinyl and blanks. Our plan is to add regular videos for you on how to do certain things, such as layering different HTV, using foils, decorating mugs, and even design files.

Until that is all up and going, you can reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help any way we can. The fastest and best way to reach us is via our Facebook group. Our goal is to create a safe space, where you can ask questions and express your own creativity.

The Facebook group is where all the fun stuff is gonna happen…. so… hope to see yall there!

Love, Karen & Carrie

StarCraft HD (High Durability) Permanent Adhesive Vinyl is excellent for crafting, long term graphics, decals, lettering, signs, and most any application requiring durability and longevity. StarCraft HD vinyl comes in 49 colors in Glossy and Matte finish for all colors and is rated up to 5-6 years durability. StarCraft HD will stick to most any solid surface, especially hard, shiny surfaces such as glass.

All your vinyl needs in one remarkable product! Available in an assortment of 57 colors, StarCraft SoftFlex™ HTV offers a matte finish and applies at a low temperature (285°). This means no more scorch marks on your favorite fabrics*!

Our new 2021 Apparel Catalog is here.

Double-ended, wooden burnisher. It features an angled tip on one end and a needlepoint on the other.  The needle end is perfect for popping trapped air bubbles. Great too that can be used to weed very small vinyl lettering and graphics.

Only $5.95  

Transfer tape is only used on adhesive craft vinyl. Heat transfer vinyl has a clear carrier sheet attached to the vinyl that is used instead. Once the vinyl is cut the excess vinyl is removed (weeded) and the project should be left on the backing.

We understand that there are times where you need 1 on 1 help. We are here to help. You can easily set up a virtual meeting with us to get the help and assistance you need. 

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