CUP TURNER 30oz Cup insert

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The StarCraft high-quality Foam 30oz Cup Insert is conformable with a variety of cup shapes and sizes. This is the perfect accessory to add while working on multiple cups at one time. This accessory is designed to be compatible with the StarCraft CUP TURNER.
StarCraft CUP TURNER sold separately.
Instructions: Slide the foam insert for 30 oz cups onto the wider end of the Cup Turner Rod. Insert the Rod at the top or bottom of the foam, whichever end best holds your cup firmly in place.
Caution: Do not get the foam insert near heat or open flame. Do not allow foam insert to come in contact with adhesive, sealer, paint, or epoxy. If you spill on the foam insert immediately wipe with soap and water.
What’s In The Box? 1 Foam 30oz Cup Insert

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