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All of the other cutting machines on the market have been rendered obsolete. Matless cutting. Unmatched precision and speed. 16″ width. Print then cut 15″ wide. The Next Generation of cutting machines has arrived.

What does it cut?

  • Permanent Vinyl
  • Removable Vinyl
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Rhinestone Templates
  • Cardstock
  • Chipboard
  • Stencil Material
  • Fabric
  • Felt
  • Craft Foam
  • Printable Vinyl
  • Printable Heat Transfers
  • …and much more!

What software does it use?

The SOLO comes bundled with a free copy of the amazing CREATE software. No subscription or upgrade will ever be required. CREATE is a desktop software that works on Windows and Mac.


  • QUIET AND FAST: The StarCraft SOLO cuts fast and performs with the highest detail out there. The motor is as quiet as any personal cutting machine you will find on the market today.
  • HIGH RES CAMERA: Our high resolution camera is a full-color camera for performing incredibly accurate automatic print and cuts. Our camera makes for fast and easy calibration.
  • LED TOUCH SCREEN: A pressure sensitive 3.5” LED touch screen that allows you to quickly navigate to your project, as well as line up your work with precision.
  • BLADES & ATTACHMENTS: The standard blade offers high precision cuts. Included is a 60 degree blade, two 45 degree blades and a pen tool with a refill. It’s a breeze to replace blades and swap out attachments.
  • LIGHTING YOUR CRAFT: The LED strip will light the way for your project as it cuts. Your choice of multiple colors will allow you to add some extra fun while you work.
  • MATLESS CUTTING: Enjoy the convenience of cutting without a mat.


Every StarCraft SOLO comes with:

  • 1 Red Blade Holder
  • 2 Thin Material Blades (Red Cap)
  • 1 Thick Material Blade (Blue Cap)
  • 1 Pen Tool + Refill
  • 1 Cutting Mat (12” x 19”)
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Power Cable
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • Countless Hours of Fun!

Connectivity Options

  • True USB, no virtual serial port.
  • Wi-Fi easily connects to your home or office network.
  • Wireless Stand-Alone, great for traveling when no network is available.
  • USB Flash Drive, an excellent feature for those who tend to cut the same files time and time again.



    • Amanda D. – I love my Solo! It cuts much faster and quieter than my Cricut ever did.
    • Karen A. – Starcraft Solo- where to begin!! I love this Machine, with its intricate cuts and it’s fast and quiet. The amount of detail I can get in a cut is amazing!
    • Qiana J. – I’m still learning how to use Create but I love the Solo for its precision. The way it cuts HTV and intricate designs are amazing!
    • Michele S. – I love how the software can do all the things and I don’t have to use other websites to create things! I also love the quiet and accurate cuts!
    • Terri C. – Hhmm, where to start, haha! I love the quietness, to be able to cut anything without having to change the blade depth, and most of all – the ability to ask questions and get complete answers and help without being made to feel stupid!
    • Corina R. – I love how quiet and quick my Solo is! The Create software was really intuitive for me coming from an Adobe design background.
    • Amy R. – My favorite thing about the Solo is being able to cut LONG cuts without a mat. I was able to cut 50 inches of repetitive design and it was amazing. The software does so many things that I haven’t even scratched the surface. I also love that the other users are so helpful!
    • Leesa S. – The Solo is my 3rd cutting machine. I’ll start with the obvious…she is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the ability to change the light colors. So fun! The cutting is so precise and quiet. The Create software is easy to use. And mat-less cutting is AWESOME! I’m trying a long mat-less cut tonight! Can’t wait.
    • Lynda A. – Solo is my fourth machine and my FAVORITE! I love that I can cut 11 in wide by 70 in long without issues and only need to prefeed a small section! Worth every penny when I cut 50 to 60 shirts at a time for my business.
    • Diana F. – I have so many “favorite” things about the Solo…. from it’s lightning speed, it’s whisper quietness, it’s AMAZING accuracy for Print and Cut, right down to the pretty LED lighting…. I LOVE IT ALL. Combine that with the CREATE software, it’s AMAZING capabilities that I haven’t even scratched the surface of and the fact that it’s a very STABLE piece of software…. I feel like I won the lottery!!!!
    • Joshua H. – I am unbelievably impressed with how intricate and consistent the Solo can cut. Every cut is accurate and the same every single time. And if you had told me beforehand I’d be using a cutting system that makes sharp, accurate cuts on a millimeter level, I’d have told you to shut your dirty lying mouth (and I would be apologizing to you know after seeing you were right).
    • Trish B. – It is empowering because I am learning something new that is completely out of my comfort zone and I am doing it! The support from the group “pros” is absolutely above any other design program which makes me want to learn and eventually master this – they make me feel so comfortable when asking for help. The machine is lightening fast with the best options available.
    • Libby R. – The Starcraft SOLO machine has opened the door to accessibility and affordability for at-home crafters that want a more advanced cutting machine known as a plotter. This machine is sleek, quick, and quiet; and best of all, it’s free of buggy software! The precise high-res camera and matless cutting capabilities make this machine a force to be reckoned with.
    • Stacey J. – The main reason I purchased the solo is because of the software included and being able to print and cut a wider area.
    • Pam T. – A step beyond any other machine I have had, software is awesome and service is superior.
    • Tiana T. – I have two favorite things about my new Solo. I love how quiet it is while it is cutting and I love being able to cut vinyl without a mat! And don’t forget about the Create software!
    • Sandra H. -What I love about the Solo is how quiet and sturdy it is. But the biggest plus is the large print and cut function. I thought the learning curve would slow me down but the tech support is top notch. I am so glad I bought the Solo.
    • Pamela J. – What I Love about my Solo is how fast it cuts! I can be weeding a project and the Solo ALWAYS beats me in finishing my next project. The software is also a favorite , the possibilities are endless.
    • Dani W. – I am so glad I went ahead and got my Solo. The first day I got it I was able to complete a project in one hour what I had been trying 7 days to complete. It’s speed is awesome!!! It picks up the registration marks with such ease. I am in LOVE!!
    • Carmen V. – I so love the support from everyone here, quietness of the machine, the fact of the size of print and cut and all the cut sizes are great for what ever craft you do.
    • Bab H. – Love the software, speed of machine, the many adjustments that allows me to save for certain projects so I don’t have to remember for the next time. Looking forward to where the Solo goes and where it will take us!


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